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My name is Jenny. Born in the mid 90s, grew up in Germany. When i was 18, i moved to the netherlands. Since then i live here with my two dogs (Luke and Wicki)



Since my first trip through the forest of Elwynn I have been addicted and a real fan of computer games. Sometimes I spend hours with Zelda, WoW, Overwatch and so on.



At night, when good girls sleep, I become a Dirty Super Girl. I get my toy box out, jump into my sexy costume and bring you wet dreams.



Are you ready to enter my world? Let me take you on the crazy journey of my life

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In my blog I keep you up to date every day about what's going on with me. Sometimes I just annoy you and just tell you about my day.

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Do you like SexToys? I love SexyToys they bring variety to every bedroom! You can control my Toy if you want. Just enter the Community!

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Here you will find a lot of hot videos and pictures from and with me! all of my conntent are self-made and created with love

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